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Eyreton Forest, Crosby

Tucked between farmland and modern housing in Crosby on the Isle of Man, is a section of privately owned registered woodland that’s history shows of one man’s true dedication to his beliefs, as well as being home to some mighty fine trees. Read More →

Removal of a heritage tree

Saying goodbye to an old tree can be very sad. This tree has stood in the grounds of Lorne House since the late eighteen hundreds but has been in gradual decline for many years. Now displaying very little healthy growth in a crown that’s over 50% dead, and two cavities that make us question her safety, gives us good reason to remove this tree. We were also keen to ensure the future of a juvenile beech tree happily growing below. Read More →

Dead Monkey Puzzle Removal

Although this was a large and less common tree, it was all but dead and beginning to shed limbs very close to this family home. Monkey Puzzles will generally die-off from the lower branches upwards in response to root distress caused by poorly draining and compacted soils. Read More →

Beech Removal

Removing a mature Beech that was causing the embankment, on which a house had been built, to move. The tree was shallow rooted due to it’s location on the edge of a rocky gorge and was granted a license for removal on the grounds that if it shifted it could compromise the house. Read More →