Why topping trees is bad!

The summer is fast approaching, all of our sleepy trees are finally waking up and breathing life into 2014. Although this is not really the time of year to be carrying out any major pruning work, tree pruning is happening because this is the time of year we get back into our gardens and begin to notice what effect the trees are having on our sunlight. So, lets just point out a couple of key factors when it comes to pruning for light. Read More →

Why trees fail

With all of the wild weather we’ve had lately it’s not surprising that so many trees have fallen or been badly damaged. As upsetting as it is to loose our large and mature trees it is ultimately a natural process that will allow the next generation of large, mature and beautiful specimens to grow into the space opened up between the canopies. But, why is it that these trees fall in the first place?  Read More →

Choosing and planting a tree

how-to-plant-birch-treeJanuary through to March is the ideal time to plant trees, but let us offer some advice to avoid any problems for you or the tree in the future.  Read More →

Why a Real Christmas Tree is Better

Like it or not, the festive season is here and what Christmas would be complete without the tree?

DSC_0108But will it be a plastic tree or a real tree that will stand proud in your home this year?We were once led to believe that having a fake tree was somehow more environmentally friendly for the fact that the fake tree is bought and collected once, and may be used year after year rather than every year cutting a fresh tree that stands in the house for a couple of weeks before being discarded, “what a waste”.  Read More →