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Why topping trees is bad!

The summer is fast approaching, all of our sleepy trees are finally waking up and breathing life into 2014. Although this is not really the time of year to be carrying out any major pruning work, tree pruning is happening because this is the time of year we get back into our gardens and begin to notice what effect the trees are having on our sunlight. So, lets just point out a couple of key factors when it comes to pruning for light. Read More →

Choosing and planting a tree

how-to-plant-birch-treeJanuary through to March is the ideal time to plant trees, but let us offer some advice to avoid any problems for you or the tree in the future.  Read More →

November tree pruning

RHS_PUB0002681_900998Well, November is here again and those once leafy and graceful trees will now stand naked and somewhat dreary until they awake next spring, but please don’t turn a blind eye to them as the next few months is the ideal time to carry out that heavier pruning work that will pay dividends next summer and beyond.  Read More →