Manx Roots – Consultancy

Trees are fundamental to our wellbeing and quality of life, whether in an urban or rural context. They secure many environmental, economic and social benefits when planned and managed appropriately.

In providing consultancy services we aim to:

  1. Prevent trees being cut down or pruned unnecessarily, so that they can provide social, economic and environmental benefits for the Island
  2. Keep people and property safe
  3. Help our community mitigate climate change and adapt to a changing climate
  4. Facilitate sustainable development

For further information or to arrange a free meeting please email or call 07624 259720/266133

Our services include:

Trees and Development

Tree surveys to identify arboricultural constraints and feasibility
Arboricultural Impact Assessments (BS5837)
Tree Protection Plans
Arboricultural Method Statements
Arboricultural supervision & monitoring
Representation at planning committee meetings and planning appeals

Tree Management for duty of care

Tree safety management policies and strategies
Zoning assessments
Tree Surveys for hazard identification and risk assessment
Work specifications and operations management

Regulation and Legislation

Assessments and reports for felling licence applications or disputes
Tree related legal advice
Expert witness testimony


Planting plans and specifications
Veteran tree management
Mortgage and Insurance tree reports
Tree surveys to identify potential roost features (bats)
Woodland management plans and advice
Woodland design and establishment plans
Tree health assessments and pest/disease management advice