Andrew Igoea

Senior Arboricultural Consultant

Andrew started his working life on a large private estate in Lincolnshire, England, the county where he was born and raised. He gained a first class honours degree in Forestry from Bangor University, North Wales. He worked for the Forestry Commission in the West Midlands before moving to the island in 2007. In 2009 he started working for the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture as an Assistant Forester. Whilst working there he gained a first class honours degree in Arboriculture and Urban Forestry from the University of Central Lancashire and the ‘Outstanding Student Award’ for the subject. In 2016 he became the Arboricultural Officer for DEFA and in 2020 became the Senior Arboricultural Officer. Andrew was instrumental in introducing DEFA’s Tree Protection Policy and developed his Directorate’s role as a planning consultee. Andrew left the Department in 2022 to take up a position at Manx Roots as Senior Arboricultural Consultant.

If you wish to contact Andrew directly, please feel free to email him at