Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Manx Roots Ltd. is not only committed to providing first class tree services, but also to ensuring that day-to-day business is carried out in an ecologically and environmentally sustainable manner. All steps are taken to ensure that any impact on the environment is minimised. Some of the simple yet important steps we take to achieve this include:

Tree Work Operations

  • Fueling of equipment, such as chainsaws, is carried out in designated re-fueling and fuel storing area. A ‘spill kit’ is kept on site, its location is made known to all workers and is used in the event of a fuel or oil spill;
  • Specialist ‘water safe’ biodegradable chain oils are used when working close to watercourses or sensitive habitats;
  • Battery operated machinery, which significantly reduce noise, are used in areas containing noise sensitive wildlife, or in urban areas if working early or late;
  • Ensuring that every piece of equipment, from the chainsaws to the tipping trucks, are regularly maintained to maximize their efficiency and longevity;
  • Using the arisings, such as woodchip and logs, as garden mulch, compost and firewood products.

Tree Surveying and Consultancy

  • Using paperless systems, such as an iPad for on-site data collection, or exchanging documents electronically to avoid printing;
  • Using a small, fuel-efficient vehicle when visiting sites, going for meetings or pricing work;
  • Ensuring that the advice and recommendations we give our clients is the most environmentally and ecologically sustainable solution, such as encouraging tree replanting where possible.

Following the rules and regulations

  • The (Isle of Man) Wildlife Act 1990, with its schedules of protected species and strict rules concerning special habitats, is closely observed;
  • In the event of discovering nesting birds, or another protected species, all work is stopped immediately, the site is made safe and the relevant authority is contacted before work is allowed to commence;
  • The (Isle of Man) Tree Preservation Act 1993 is also closely observed, and its enforcement actually forms part of our work.

As you can see, we are not only providing a service which is directly involved in managing our green spaces, but we are doing it in a conscientious and sustainable way.

Should you have any questions regarding the above, please contact us for further information.

Ben Brooker

L4 DipArb (ABC), TechArborA, PTI