Manx Roots – Tree Surgery

A full range of tree surgery services delivered by our team of qualified and experienced tree surgeons on the Isle of Man.

Tree surgery refers to all forms of physical tree work, from pruning small branches for light, to controlled dismantling of large trees at the end of their life. We take great pride in our approach to tree care, following recognised industry standards. We take great care in our approach to the safe removal of a tree. Our qualified and experienced team are able to undertake all aspects of tree work, regardless of scale. This may include:

  • Crown pruning operations such as: lifting, thinning, reducing, re-shaping, deadwooding and weight reduction.
  • Tree removal: especially trees in confined locations or where felling needs to be tightly controlled, for example over fragile objects such as conservatories, fences and shrubs.
  • Site / garden clearance.
  • Stump removal or stump treatment.
  • Large hedge trimming and height reduction.
  • Mulching.

All of our work is carried out to the very highest standard and complies with industry regulations and best-practice. We maintain £5m public liability insurance and £10m employer’s liability that can be increased as required. Customer references can accompany a quote on request.

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