Ben Brooker

Managing director, arboricultural consultant & trainer

Ben delivering chainsaw training on the Isle of Man

Ben’s life in arboriculture started in 2000 at Merrist Wood College, Surrey. Following his initial full-time studies he gained broad experience in tree surgery and arborist roles that varied from lead climber and crew leader, to estimator and contract manager. He has worked in Australia, New Zealand and Canada, as well as various locations around the UK.

After many years of work and travel, in 2013 he returned to the Island and set up Manx Roots as a tree surgery company, later adding arboricultural consultancy and arboricultural training to the list of services offered. Manx Roots has continued to grow and prosper from inception as a result of Ben’s passion for trees and commitment to the business of professional arboriculture.

Ben’s studies have continued to this day. After obtaining his Level 4 Diploma is Arboriculture in 2015 with Tree Life AC, he is now nearing completion of his Level 6 Diploma in Arboriculture; a respected qualification aimed at arboricultural consultants and tree managers. In the same time he has also become a registered Lantra instructor, able to deliver recognised courses in chainsaw and chipper operation as well as tree surveying and inspections. Ben also carries out marking and assessing of student coursework for Tree Life AC.

More recently, Ben has taken a keen interest in nature conservation and re-wilding. In 2021 Manx Roots acquired a 25 acre site in West Baldwin called Renscault Brooghs which will be a non-profit rewilding and conservation project for the company. This project is only just beginning, but guarantees a lifetime of learning for Ben and anyone who wishes to be involved.

If you wish to contact Ben directly, please feel free to email him at