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Chainsaw Training Isle of Man

Through our sister company, Second Nature Ltd, and in partnership with Treevolution Scotland, we are very proud to be able to offer a variety of industry-recognised Lantra chainsaw courses here on the Isle of Man.

Our range of Lantra courses cover chainsaw maintenance and sharpening, handling and cross-cutting logs, and felling trees up to 380mm diameter using eight different types of felling cut.

The courses are very hands-on and can take a complete novice through to being a confident and competent chainsaw operator with a good understanding of safe working practices.

For the more experienced chainsaw operator, or industry professionals wishing to carry out refresh training, the courses can be tailored to work on weaker areas or introduce new skills.

To express interest in a future course with no obligation, or for further information please contact us.

Treevolution Scotland

Sunny Spruce Removal

This 100+ft Spruce tree was on the Apemann site at South Barrule Plantation.

It was at risk of falling onto the zip-wire, as did its neighbour, and was marked for removal in a recent survey. It was a straightforward and fun job.

Veteran Beech Crown Reduction

IMG_1476This huge old beech tree stands in the grounds of a stately home in Douglas, and recently lost around 50% of its crown due to a fungal decay (Ganoderma australe) causing a massive branch to collapse under its own weight.

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Ash Tree Removal in Ramsey

This large Ash tree, although stable, had been subjected to soil compaction that had caused root die-back. Loss of some of the root system had lead to the tree’s decline and the formation of substantial deadwood in the crown. This tree would have never recovered, but instead continued to die back until it posed a significant risk.

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