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Veteran Beech Crown Reduction

IMG_1476This huge old beech tree stands in the grounds of a stately home in Douglas, and recently lost around 50% of its crown due to a fungal decay (Ganoderma australe) causing a massive branch to collapse under its own weight.

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Why trees fail

With all of the wild weather we’ve had lately it’s not surprising that so many trees have fallen or been badly damaged. As upsetting as it is to loose our large and mature trees it is ultimately a natural process that will allow the next generation of large, mature and beautiful specimens to grow into the space opened up between the canopies. But, why is it that these trees fall in the first place?  Read More →

Dead Monkey Puzzle Removal

Although this was a large and less common tree, it was all but dead and beginning to shed limbs very close to this family home. Monkey Puzzles will generally die-off from the lower branches upwards in response to root distress caused by poorly draining and compacted soils. Read More →

Ivy and Trees

PUB0006040_210836Much maligned, ivy is often accused of strangling trees on which it grows. The reality is often less sinister but there may be times when its control is advisable. In the border, ivy’s dense growth can swamp other plants and control here is often needed.

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