Veteran Beech Crown Reduction

IMG_1476This huge old beech tree stands in the grounds of a stately home in Douglas, and recently lost around 50% of its crown due to a fungal decay (Ganoderma australe) causing a massive branch to collapse under its own weight.

The owner of the tree wished to retain it, and therefore a severe crown reduction was performed to reduce a significant amount of weight from the remaining stem/leader and reduce the sail effect exerted by the wind. The amount of crown removed is not a standard procedure, and would never be recommend for a tree of this maturity, but in this case it was the only way in which the tree could be retained.

Please see the photos below. They are in sequence and can be navigated by pressing your left and right keys.

Veteran trees are a vital element to our local ecology as they provide both food and shelter for many species of insect, fungi, bird and even mammal, and therefore every effort must be taken to ensure they are retained.

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